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September 9, 2018
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September 11, 2018
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A challenging question for Home Mission Sunday

On Home Mission Sunday this weekend (September 16) we are invited to think about how we’d answer Jesus’ question, ‘Who do you say I am?’ For some the most challenging element of this question is whether we talk about him at all says Rebecca Bretherton. 

Recent research by talkingjesus.org identifies that one in five non-Christians are open to a conversation about Jesus. We may be missing opportunities in our family and among friends and colleagues because we just don’t know what to say.

Since our impressions of Jesus can either help or hinder our desire to talk about him, consider your response to the question Jesus asks his disciples in the Gospel this Sunday “Who do you say I am?”

A prayerful response would be to re-read the gospel (Mark 8:27-35) and imagine yourself with the disciples. Gently allow your response to come to the surface.

What can I do?

The diocesan event Sharing Hope in Crisis on Saturday  November 3 will be an opportunity to explore the practicalities of sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and his message. Click here for more details and to register online.

You may belong to an established evangelisation team in your parish or now could be the time to suggest that your parish considers the Creating Missionary Parishes programme being used by other parishes in East Anglia.


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