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March 31, 2020
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CAFOD volunteers highlight need to defend Amazon

To mark CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day on March 6, trained CAFOD volunteers visited primary schools to deliver assemblies to raise awareness of the issues facing the Amazon. Jane Crone from CAFOD in East Anglia reports.

Did you know that a piece of land bigger than a football pitch is lost every minute in the Amazon?

Around March 6 trained CAFOD volunteers raised awareness of the challenges and showed how indigenous communities are being supported by CAFOD. 

Throughout the Amazon, trees are being destroyed at an unsustainable rate – farming companies are clearing large areas for cattle grazing or single crops and communities lose their land to mining activity which contaminates land and rivers.  

Thanks to the generosity of fundraisers across England and Wales, CAFOD has already been able to support lawyers working in the Amazon to successfully defend the land rights of 80,000 families to access safe places to build homes, grow food, and make a living.

Four year 12 CAFOD Young leaders from St Alban’s School in Ipswich, alongside CAFOD schools volunteer Claire Robinson recently delivered Lent assemblies at St Mark’s and St Mary’s Primary Schools in Ipswich

Claire was delighted with the student’s assemblies saying, “They were great, really enthusiastic and articulate and got a really good response from the children.”

St Alban’s chaplain Katherine Edwards said, “Our students take their commitment to the CAFOD young leadership programme very seriously, I am very proud of them.”

Pictured above are students from St Laurence’s Primary in Cambridge and St Felix’s Haverhill during assemblies supported by CAFOD




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