A festival to celebrate Caritas across East Anglia

Caritas East Anglia wants to celebrate all the good work that people are doing throughout the diocese through a showcase Festival being held across the diocese, reports Caritas development worker Jacinta Welch.

The Festival is not to trumpet our own good deeds, but rather to give a platform to charities and other organisations to demonstrate what they do.  In doing this we hope that those who feel they would like to get involved will have the information they need to get started.

We would like to invite anyone to take part who is currently involved in any outreach work which is in line with Catholic Social Teaching.

We invite anyone to attend who feels that God may be calling them to show His love to our sisters and brothers through social outreach work, but who may not be sure where or how to get involved.

The Festival will be held in different parishes, at various locations across the diocese.

Details will be published on this page and in parish Newsletters when they become available.

Do visit again to find out where the nearest Festival will be in your area.

“The first venue for the Caritas Festival will be St George’s in Norwich, on Saturday March 28,  2020.  If you would like to represent your charity or organisation to give voice to what you do, please email Caritas: caritas@rcdea.org.uk