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Chatteris churches join forces to launch prayer initiative

The Catholic and Anglican churches in Chatteris have teamed up in a new initiative to pray for every single street in the town.

March Catholic parish priest Fr Paul Maddison and Chatteris Anglican Parish Church vicar Rev Wendy Thomson discuss the initiative in a new YouTube video.

Fr Paul said: “It is important that as Catholics and Anglicans we do work together in Chatteris and one of the great ways we do that is in praying for the town together. A recent survey revealed that 60% of people pray – some maybe not sure what they are praying for or how to pray – but is a great positive that we can build on.”

Wendy said: “It is great to know that we share that prayer priority together. When the Christmas lights were switched on in the town recently, we had over 150 people come into the church off the street to see the Christmas tree but also to light a candle and to actually pray. It was really moving to see how people really engaged with their prayers – it was really exciting to see that.”

“The new prayer initiative has produced a monthly sheet which lists the dates, the streets in the town and topics for prayer, so that both the Catholics and Anglicans, and other Christians, are praying for exactly the same things. And that the whole town of Chatteris, all the streets, are being covered in prayer,” said Wendy.

Fr Paul said: “People take the sheets home from worship on Sunday – it is like the whole town being lifted on this powerful prayer. For Christians prayer is a priority and we want to play our full part in the life of Chatteris and surrounding villages and a great way to be doing that is to pray. It is great for people to feel that they are being prayed for, whatever their difficulties or pains or hopes or worries or dreams.”

You can watch the YouTube video below

Pictured above are Fr Paul Maddison and Rev Wendy Thomson discussing the new initiative in a YouTube video.