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June 12, 2017
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Film shows God’s love for the vulnerable

An extraordinary new documentary film, Summer in the Forest, about a special Catholic community in France, is arriving in UK cinemas, including two dates in East Anglia in early July.

The film about Jean Vanier and the first L’Arche community, it is, according to its creators, “a story about our search for love and true friendship. In a remarkable reversal of conventional wisdom it shows that the answers we crave can be found among some of our most marginalised people.”

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, said: “It is a moving portrait of life in a community where God’s love for the vulnerable is lived out.”

Like countless others Philippe, Michel, Andre and Patrick were labelled ‘idiots’, locked away and forgotten in violent asylums, until the 1960s, when the young philosopher Jean Vanier took a stand and secured their release – the first time in history that anyone had beaten the system. Together they created L’Arche, a commune at the edge of a beautiful forest near Paris and a quiet revolution was born.

Now in his 80s, still at L’Arche and revered by some as a living saint, Jean has discovered something that most of us have forgotten – what it is to be human, to be foolish, and to be happy.

The film will be shown at two special screenings in East Anglia. The first is at Cinema City in Norwich on July 3 (8pm) and includes a Q&A with film director Randall Wright, and at the Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge on July 6 (6pm).

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Pictured top is a scene from the film of Andre Stubenrauch having dinner with his friend Widad.

Click here or see below for a trailer for the film