Former East End gangster to speak at Ignite Festival

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April 6, 2021
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April 9, 2021
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Former East End gangster to speak at Ignite Festival

John Pridmore, an East End bouncer who had a dramatic conversion, will be sharing his story at the Ignite Festival Online. Hamish MacQueen reports.

John was a serious ‘Face’ in London’s East End. His jackets were tailored to hold his machete and knuckledusters. He had a penthouse, sports cars and his drug deals netted him thousands. He nearly killed a man outside a nightclub. Then something extraordinary happened.

John has spoken to millions around the world about how Jesus changed his life, and we are excited to confirm he will be joining us live on the first night of the Ignite Festival online. There will also be music, engaging workshops and passionate prayer.

The festival continues on the Sunday evening, and while it will be fully accessible from homes, on the Sunday, we would like to encourage groups of young people, (especially Confirmation groups) to gather in person in a socially distanced way to watch the livestream together. This could be in a church or church hall.

Provided that Step 2 of the Government Covid roadmap is reached (expected to be on April 12), indoor gatherings of up to 15 young people for this sort of event are allowed. We then hope to do a live link up from some of the groups from across the diocese. If you would like to help organise this in your parish, please get in touch with

The festival is aimed at those 13+, especially those preparing for Confirmation. It runs from 7pm – 8:30 pm on Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2. Registration is required for the Saturday evening.

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Pictured above is John Pridmore




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