Landmark donation, civic visit and Cambodian Mass

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April 5, 2018
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April 7, 2018
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Landmark donation, civic visit and Cambodian Mass

Latest news from across the Diocese of East Anglia includes a landmark blood donation, a Cambodian Mass, an Easter egg hunt and a civic visit.

A member of the St John the Baptist Cathedral's choir in Norwich recently completed his 75th blood donation and received a certificate in recognition.

Director of Blood Donation, Mike Shredder wrote to Michael Hughes (pictured above), saying: "Only a handful of donors reach this landmark. We are hugely grateful for your time and generosity. You have made a difference to the lives of people all over the country, many of whom would not have survived without your help.

Michael made his first donation whilst on National Service in the RAF in 1955. His most recent donation was made a few weeks ago when stocks of blood had fallen to an epic low.

He said: "While a blood donation may be a big deal for the recipient it is not an ordeal for the donor, the staff are attentive and the tea and biscuits afterwards are enjoyable. New donors are accepted up to the age of 65 and healthy donors are now allowed to contribute well beyond the original cut-off date of 70.

On Easter Sunday the Great Clare Priory Easter Egg Hunt(pictured right) was held once again following great success in previous years. The many children really enjoy racing around the grounds following the clues, younger ones getting assistance from the older children.

A Mass to help the Diocese of East Anglia to celebrate its ongoing relationship with twinned parishes in Cambodia is to be held on Friday April 20 at 7pm at St Etheldreda's Church in Ely. Visitors are requested to bring a donation for Ely Food Bank, wear a Khmer kroma or any Cambodian style of dress if you wish. There will be refreshments served after Mass.

The flower arrangers at Cathedral of St John the Baptist were recently treated to a superb afternoon tea and personalised tour of the Guildhall (pictured below) by the sheriff and his wife, David and Gisele Walker, reports Brigid Dowler: "This was a welcome reward after all the hard work and dedication of decorating the cathedral for Easter."


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