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Retrouvaille marriage charity organises online course

The Catholic marriage charity Retrouvaille is putting on an online weekend for couples experiencing difficulties from July 1 to 4.

Clive and Kathy Jones from Retrouvaille write: “The course is a positive resource for couples who may be in crisis in their marriages, who have increased conflict or damaging silences; where defensiveness, criticism, contempt and emotional distancing have replaced listening and support.

“Couples may be separated and in the process of divorce. Retrouvaille helps couples get their marriages back on track. There is hope!”

The programme offers an opportunity to grow through the stresses into a better way of living together, by learning additional skills and improving communication. Although the course is Catholic in origin, and Christian at the core of its message, couples of all faiths or no faith background are encouraged to attend the programme and have found value in it.

Clive and Kathy Jones work with Fr Anthony Jackson from the Diocese of Leeds to coordinate the Retrouvaille Ministry in England and Wales. Globally the programme runs in 29 countries, in six languages.

Please check for more information, or text or call 0788 729 6983 / 0797 338 0443. All communication is confidential and without obligation.

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