The Ignite Team 

Who we are

The Ignite Team for 2017 – 2018

The Ignite Team is the Youth Mission Team for the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia and was established in 2014.

Ignite is made up of  volunteers aged between 18 and 30 who give a year of their lives to serve Jesus in the Church by evangelising young people within the Diocese of East Anglia.  The team is available to work with parishes and schools in the Diocese, seeking to encourage the faith of the people they encounter.

The team live together as a community for the year, ministering to young people and others they meet  throughout the Diocese.

This year the Ignite Team is made up of three people, joined in their work from time to time by the Director of Youth Services.  


What we do

The Ignite Team travels around the Diocese offering support in youth ministry in parishes through the running of confirmation groups, first holy communion classes and youth masses.  We also visit schools, both primary and secondary, around the Diocese and run retreats for them.  Added to this the Ignite Team supports the Director of Youth Services in the running of events on a Diocesan levels, such as the Ignite Festival and the Epiphany Mass.

Ignite Lite

Ignite Lite was set up in 2016, it is for those aged 16 – 35 who want to be involved in youth ministry within the Diocese of East Anglia but are unable to be full-time members of the Ignite Team due to work commitments, school, university etc.  The Ignite Lite group meets up several times a year for training weekends with the Ignite Team, receiving teaching and training in youth ministry as well as growing together as a team. 

Application forms are available as either PDF or word.


Ignite Prayer

This prayer was composed by the Ignite Team to be said around the Diocese for youth and the work of the Ignite Team in their work of evangelisation. 

We give out our prayer cards at youth masses but if you would like us to send you some please email:

For more information about ways you can pray for young people and the work of the Ignite Team click here.


Contact Us

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