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April 12, 2017
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April 14, 2017
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Warm Wisbech welcome for Student Cross pilgrims

Student Cross pilgrims on their way to Walsingham were greeted by the deputy mayor of Wisbech on April 11 and treated to a hearty Fen feast by parishioners of our Lady and St Charles Catholic church.

Councillor Steve Tierney, Deputy Mayor was at the Rosmini Centre on Tuesday evening to welcome the young walkers as theytucked in toa hearty Fen meal, courtesy of the parishioners

Cllr Tierney said: "On behalf of the Town Council I am delighted to welcome you once more to Wisbech, ‘the capital of the Fens’ I understand that you have probably covered up to 20 miles today and are ready for a good old tuck in.

"Iwant to compliment you (mostly) young people who give up part of your Easter vacation to make this positive statement of witness to the communities through which you pass. Itis a hopeful and encouraging sign that there is much in this country to encourage us all despite the challenges which face us. When I put on Facebook that I was meeting you this evening it provoked a considerable number of responses, of people saying that they had seen you.

"Dear Wisbech friends, I want to also thank you for this delicious fare which you put on each year. I can tell by the look on your guests faces that they can’t wait tofeast on thisFen Fare. Bon apptit everybody and may yourstrength be restored for your entry into Norfolk."

Pictured above is Deputy Mayor Steve Tierney with the Student Cross walkers in Wisbech.