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Bury St Edmunds initiative raises £3,000 for church

Participants from various backgrounds united in Bury St Edmunds for ‘The Tease,’ a trail/challenge event on Sunday July 16, raising £3,000 for Lawshall Catholic church and promoting social interaction post-Covid. John Saunders, local historian and Bury St Edmunds parishioner, reports.

They came from neighbouring counties, different countries of origin, all ages, and levels of mobility. This was ‘The Tease,’ a trail/challenge in the town of Bury St Edmunds, in which 25 teams of 6 took part, raising funds for Lawshall Catholic church. Bringing people together to learn about Bury St Edmunds and have fun was the aim of organizer John Saunders, who said: “Post-Covid, many people have shied away from chatting with those they do not know, and this was a chance to get that buzz going again.” John designed 4 routes to avoid congestion and a fifth route which accommodated rickshaws and mobility scooters.

The teams and others, totalling around 200, retired to the Crypt and garden to enjoy a sumptuous strawberry tea prepared by Sarah Farr and her team whilst the raffle of quality donations took place. The serious questions then came into play, with nine teams competing in the tie-breaker; ultimately, team Arriviste being able to correctly recall that the number four on the clock at Moyse’s Hall is depicted as IIII.

Sarah Truman from the team ‘We haven’t a clue’ summed up the day: “We had a great time, as did all those I spoke to. Fantastic organisation and a great event.”

‘The Tease’ raised £3,000, but as John explained, “In some ways, fundraising was secondary. To hear constant conversation among those in the Crypt, see happiness, and appreciate the generosity of donors made it all worthwhile.”