Council of Laity

The Diocese of East Anglia’s Council of Laity is a consultative body of lay people that meets the Bishop twice a year. Its membership is made up of the Chair of each of the parish priest’s parish council or forum or someone who comes in their place.

Information about meetings is sent out to parishes by email and representatives who have previously attended receive this information directly to them. If there is a parish that has not been represented, then the parish priest receives the information and is requested to pass the information to the appropriate lay person.

The Council meeting’s purpose is twofold: to allow the Bishop to hear from the parishes and secondly for the representatives to take back to their parishes information from the Bishop and the points raised at the meetings.

At the meetings there is the opportunity to:

  • hear and answer points raised by Parish Representatives;
  • hear from the Bishop about key developments, activities and events taking place in the Diocese;
  • learn about important developments / documents in the Church;
  • have group discussions, share views and ask questions;
  • listen to presentations from people working in the Diocese;

There is tea / coffee at 10.30am for the meeting beginning at 11am. The meetings finish at approximately 1.15pm followed by light refreshments.

Dates for 2024: Saturday June 8 and Saturday November 16

Venue: Lady Immaculate and Saint Etheldreda – 14 Exeter Road, Newmarket,  CB8 8LT