Our Lady & St John the Evangelist – Sudbury

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    Our Lady & St John the Evangelist – Sudbury

    Address: 20 The Croft, CO10 1HP (1876; 1893; Cons 9 December 1993)
    Tel: 01787 372703
    Email: romancatholicchurch@btinternet.com
    Web: www.sudburywithhadleigh.com
    Clergy: Rev Peter Brett
    Mass: Sat 5pm; Sun M 9.15am
    Holy Days Vigil Mass 7.30pm, 9.30am
    Schools: St Joseph’s Primary School Tel: 01787 373365

    Other places of worship in the Parish:
    HADLEIGH, Suffolk, St Joseph
    Address: 135 Angel St, Hadleigh IP7 5BY
    Mass: Sun 11.15am
    Holy Days as announced
    Confessions: After Sun Mass

    1962 Rite Community

    Address           Our Lady Immaculate and St Edmund, The Presbytery, Chapel Lane, Withermarsh Green, Colchester, CO6 4TA      
    Clergy              Rev Henry Whisenant
    Email               henry.whisenant@rcdea.org.uk
    Tel:                  07869 382973
    Mass              Sun 9.15am, 11am; Mon 10am; Tues 8am; Wed 6pm; Thurs 8am; Fri 8am (except 1st Fri 6pm), Sat 10am.
                            Hds 10am, 6pm
    Confessions Sun 8.45am, 10.30am; Wed (and 1st Fri) 5.30pm; Sat 9.30am, 11am


    CO10 1HW
    CO10 1HW
    United Kingdom

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