Celebrating the spiritual aspects of faith in God

Spiritual director and school teacher Dr Margaret Mary McFadyen was appointed as the diocesan representative to the Bishops Conference Spirituality Committee in September 2019.

Margaret Mary says: “My role as the Spirituality Committee Representative for the Diocese is to celebrate and to raise awareness of the spirituality aspect of living in faith with God and to connect with the other Dioceses in England and Wales, to share resources, practice and inspiration. It is what I aim to do here.

“It is common for people these days to describe themselves as spiritual, but not religious and when I hear it, I wonder what they mean by that. Then I start to wonder about people who admit that they are religious, are they also spiritual?

“What do we mean by spirituality? The academic response would be to look up the meaning of spirituality in a dictionary and take it from there. However, I would like to offer an alternative response, based on my experiences of receiving and giving spiritual direction. I would say that spirituality is how we “do God”: it is how our own unique relationship with God manifests itself. There are many different spiritual traditions within our Church: Carmelite, Benedictine, Carthusian, and of course, Ignatian, which is where I have found my home.”

Read more about Margaret Mary and her role.

Margaret Mary also shares her inspiration in Finding God in All Things, in the Ignatian Tradition, on her regular blog. You can find it at: www.sunflowerseedspirituality.com

Read a report by Margaret Mary on the Bishop’s Conference Spirituality Committee Meeting March 5, 2020. 

Here are some further resources for prayer or retreat days:

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Pray with the Pope leaflet

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You can contact Margaret Mary at: mmmcfadyen@gmail.com

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