Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to marriage preparation in the Diocese of East Anglia! This programme is an extensive and comprehensive preparation for Catholic marriage and each year over 200 people attend. 

For our Frequently Asked Questions on the whole marriage preparation and paperwork process  CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOCUMENT OF MARRIAGE PREPARATION INFORMATION

1 So Great A Mystery: a course in your local Parish, using the Diocese’ own So Great A Mystery book, delivered by your local Priest or Deacon. This booklet offers a catechetical introduction to the sacramental nature of Catholic marriage. For these four sessions you need to contact your local Parish Priest to arrange the course.

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2 A Saturday Day: this is a full day course covering a range of detailed exercises that you as a couple will work through, addressing: communication, household management, expectations, ways of loving, addressing the past, sacramentality, prayer, sexuality and more.
You only need to attend one Saturday Day.


This course is delivered by Dr Antonia Braithwaite, the Marriage and Family Life Coordinator for the Diocese.

Examples of feedback from some recent course participants:

“The speakers were really excellent, felt very welcome and the topics covered were really practical and thought provoking.”

“Very positive”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day experience. I do admit that I had my reservations about some issues discussed, prior to attending the Saturday Day, but left the Saturday having either (1) being convinced around to appreciating the rationale/reasons or (2) now fully participating in the teaching. Thank you Antonia for your efforts in arranging this all!”

“I personally liked the challenging questions on the book, it is important that some questions are asked and discussed. My partner was hoping to have something closer to the religious side of the ceremony – he preferred the first part when Antonia broke down the meaning of marriage and where this can be found in the Testaments.”

“It was interesting and offered many valid points to discuss and think about. The day was very well structured and didn’t drag at all, it actually got the attention of the whole room and even of non-catholic people. I was glad to be able to participate. “

“It was really beneficial for our relationship. It gave us the tools to work through any present concerns, and will aid us in Any possible events that may occur in the future. It aided us to work through any concerns we may of had prior to marriage in a calm and constructed manner. It’s a great book/ tool to refer to in the future if needed for guidance. I will always keep these booklets to refer back too later on in marriage, in happiness and if rocky times occur (I hope not. It’s a great tool as it covers all aspects of your lives, i was really impressed. Thank you for the guidance not only from the day but from the reference of the booklet. The day was was extremely helpful. “

“It was very useful and practical for us as a couple”

For any queries about marriage preparation, please contact Antonia Braithwaite