Fr Paul offers company on your spiritual journey

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March 3, 2021
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March 5, 2021
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Fr Paul offers company on your spiritual journey

Fr Paul Maddison, who recently returned to the Diocese, has set up an on-line service providing spiritual direction. Below he explains the opportunity.

During the pandemic many of us have become used to doing things on-line. We shop, hold meetings, chat to family, even attend Mass on our computers. I am convinced that the pandemic has led to a massive increase in prayer, and many of us would like to discover greater depth and strength in our spiritual lives.

Spiritual Direction can be described as an open-ended gentle conversation, led by you, where we explore, ponder, question, reflect and freely consider your spiritual path. It is not therapy or counselling; but a safe place where we can explore all that you want to explore in freedom and confidentiality, through reflective listening, discovering the spirituality given you as a gift from God.

To discover more, go to

Pictured above is Fr Paul Maddison with Dave Payne from Café in the Holy Land