Peterborough Catholics gather to celebrate 120 years

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Peterborough Catholics gather to celebrate 120 years

St Peter and All Souls Peterborough has celebrated its 120th anniversary with a joint Mass of all its diverse congregations together at the Anglican Cathedral in Peterborough. Fr Adam Sowa reports.

There is a great sense of community at the heart of St Peter and All Souls parish in Peterborough. Throughout its history it has served an enormously diverse community differing in language, culture, nationality and ethnicity.

Irish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Daman, Polish, Lithuanian, Pilipino are but some of the nationalities that come together each week to pray and worship in our two churches.

Bringing such diversity together may on the outside seem a bit like mission impossible, but it has become a sweet burden and a blessing.

As a sign of the many blessings the parish celebrated a special One Parish Celebration Mass to mark its 120th Anniversary and the Year of Mercy, in Peterborough Anglican Cathedral on Saturday, June 18.

The Rt Rev Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough, gave his kind permission so that we could have our own Bishop Alan Hopes presiding over the Solemn Pontifical Mass and include the many priests of Peterborough and St Hugh Deanery who joined us on this special occasion.

During the Mass we prayed in many different national languages thanking God and Our Lady for the faith and love of parishioners and priests who have gone before us as well as we looked forward towards the future, praying for many blessings upon our church building and upon our parish community.

There was also a moment of gratitude for the service of many parishioners, who give their time, talents and resources in the service of this ecclesial community.

Twelve of them were given awards by Bishop Alan for long service to the Diocese and the Parish.

The Celebration Evening finished off with a big garden party in the Cathedral cloisters.

Pictured above, Bishop Alan Hopes and Fr Adam Sowa with the 120th anniversary cake.

St Peter and All Souls Peterborough, 120th Anniversary Mass, June 2016