A Catholic guide to our shared climate challenges

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November 9, 2021
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November 11, 2021
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A Catholic guide to our shared climate challenges

With all eyes on the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow a website has been launched to help Catholics find information on environmental issues that are informed by Catholic Social Teaching.

Diocese of East Anglia Environmental Lead, Rev Paul Maddison, said: “A lot of people want to know where they can find challenges and encouragement on ways in which they can act to save the planet, inspired by their faith. A place where they can share what they and others are doing in their parish communities to care for creation in practical ways?

“Well the answer lies in the recently launched website: Journey to 2030.

“Inspired by the inspirational leadership of Pope Francis on the issue of climate change, the website is a mine of practical resources, theological insight and inspiring examples around the real action being undertaken by the Catholic church.

“With resources for parishes, schools and individuals it brings together a comprehensive range of source material in a readily accessible format.

“All schools and all churches in the diocese will shortly be receiving an introductory magazine helping us to read the “signs of the times” and wake up to reality. Helping us to commit to what we as Christians are called to do in light of our current ecological and social crises,” said Fr Paul.

Take a look at: https://journeyto2030.org/

You can contact Fr Paul and the lay reps on the diocesan environmental team, Barbara Burnett, Rhona Lewis and Judith Tooth, at: eco@rcdea.org.uk

Graphic courtesy of Journey to 2030.