Bishop Alan encourages Religious to present their lives

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February 3, 2022
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Bishop Alan encourages Religious to present their lives

Around 40 Religious from around the diocese, along with friends and family, joined a Mass at St John’s Cathedral celebrated by Bishop Alan Hopes.

The event took place on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (February 2), which provided the theme for Bishop Alan’s homily on the offering of our lives.

“The Presentation of the Lord is an evocative feast,” said Bishop Alan. “Christian tradition has enriched it with the procession of candles…This is to welcome Him into our lives in Word and Sacrament.

“Simon and Anna, two elderly people filled with the Holy Spirit and faith, received Jesus within the Temple. You are called in a special way to share in this mystery – a mystery of light and suffering, a Marian mystery. The Presentation or self-offering to the Lord is a huge witness to the world, and today you will renew this offering.

“All of us must keep our gaze fixed on the face of Jesus Christ. Without this our lives have no meaning. We all share one vocation: we are called to be holy and grow in perfection. But you have been called in a particular way. Your lives are to be a sign of contradiction, a sign which is so often rejected.

“Such lives are a deep offering of hope for our world today. They show up the emptiness and shallowness of today’s values. Through your witness you are able to give us a glimpse of the Kingdom.

“Thank you for your faithful lives which like candles keep burning with the love of Christ, with which He calls you to Himself.”

You can see a Flickr gallery of the event by clicking on the link or picture below. Pictured above is Bishop Alan with Religious from the Diocese at St John’s Cathedral.

Mass for Religious