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July 9, 2021
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July 13, 2021
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Bishop Alan presents certificates to new Catechists

At a special Mass for diocesan Catechists at St John’s Cathedral in Norwich, Bishop Alan Hopes spoke of the courage required to pass on the faith.

He presented certificates to the new catechists who had completed their training. Under the guidance of Fr Andrew Eburne, they had followed a course produced by the School of the Annunciation, which is based at Buckfast Abbey in Devon.

“Opposition to the Gospel is inevitable,” said Bishop Alan in his homily. “It takes courage to witness to our faith as Christians.” If we find that we are not facing challenges, suggested the Bishop, that suggests that perhaps we have become too comfortable.

“Some followers of Jesus Christ fall away from the Church when they realise the commitment they are called to,” he went on. “But others find a new purpose. You have already committed your lives to a specific ministry within the Church.”

He encouraged the new catechists to place their hope in God during difficult times: “The Lord tells us four times in the Gospel today not to be afraid.”

After the Mass, the Bishop presented the certificates, and then there was an opportunity to gather in the garden and enjoy a meal in the Narthex.

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Mass for Catechists July 2021

Pictured above is Bishop Alan with the catechists in the Cathedral garden