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Bishop Peter celebrates Lenten Mass in Peterborough

There was a great sense of community as Bishop Peter Collins recently visited St Peters and All Souls in Peterborough for the Deanery Lenten Station Mass.

“The bishop’s visit was highly anticipated,” said Oliver Wessex, “and the people of the parish turned out in large numbers to welcome him.”

The evening Mass, on February 28, was held in the beautifully decorated church, with the Bishop leading the service alongside visiting priests from the other parishes in the Deanery. “The service was filled with beautiful hymns, prayers, and a touching sermon from Bishop Peter Collins,” said Oliver.

After the service, a meal was held in the parish hall, and the Bishop had the opportunity to meet the people. The staff, volunteers, and lay people of St Peters and All Souls were excited to have the Bishop with them and they made sure that the event was special.

After the service, the Bishop received a small token of appreciation, which he gratefully accepted. He was pleased to see the strong faith and warm hospitality of the parish, and he expressed his gratitude to everyone present.

Fr Adam Sowa, Fr Waldemar Smialek and Fr Karol Porchak were present at the event, and they took the time to speak with the Bishop and the other visiting priests. The meal was filled with laughter, joy, and a great sense of community.

The visit of Bishop Peter was a memorable occasion for the parishioners of St Peters and All Souls. “The event showcased the love and faith that exists within the Catholic community in Peterborough,” said Oliver. “The priests, staff, volunteers, and lay people of St Peters and All Souls are looking forward to welcoming the Bishop back soon, for Confirmation Mass.”

Pictured above is Bishop Peter Collins with priests from Peterborough celebrating the Lenten Mass.