Breathtaking beauty as Our Lady visits in Peterborough

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November 1, 2020
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November 3, 2020
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Breathtaking beauty as Our Lady visits in Peterborough

Three young people from Sacred Heart and St Oswald parish in Peterborough were touched deeply when Fr Arockiya Seelan brought a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes to their home. Kavya, Aleema and Adriel describe the visit.

On Saturday, we were all waiting intently and preparing for the arrival of Mother Mary of Lourdes to our house. Flowers were arranged intricately, and candles lit to welcome her presence in our family.

We even prepared an altar to place Mother Mary in, which was blessed by Fr Seelan. Our precious time with Mother Mary began with a rosary together with Fr Seelan after which we would be blessed by her presence until the next day.

It was then that we felt our breath being taken away in awe by the sheer beauty of the statue. Her eyes carried such power that we felt we could not be taken away from her, with her eyes watching over us and protecting us from all hazards of life. Mother Mary’s eyes seemed so graceful, so real that we felt her gaze and were truly bound to her power, almost as if in a trance. That was why none of us could leave the room at any point.

The morning was followed by prayers since we invited some of our friends to pray with us and the unity that we felt was surreal. Everyone was surrendering their worries and problems while simultaneously thanking Mother Mary for all the graces she had given to us. We were so grateful for being given this opportunity.

Evening came and we were all once again united in prayer, this time virtually with our grandparents, aunties and uncles from all corners of the world – India, Australia, Thailand and Canada. Although we were separated by a screen, everyone still felt united with Mother Mary and grateful to be able to experience this because of the technology that has enabled us to keep in touch.

During this terrifying pandemic, we feel that technology has played such a vital part in our lives, to keep families connected as well as helping us to participate virtually in all aspects of life, including Church. In this way, technology has enabled our family to witness the charisma, power and blessings of Mother Mary along with us, as if she were sitting right beside us. It was a beautiful experience.

At night, we lit a few candles and stayed all night in the room. It was painful having to let go of the Mother Mary. It felt different when she was no longer there, but in our hearts, we know that Mother Mary will always be there to help and guide us; to give comfort and be our loving mother. We are truly blessed by her!

Story from Aleema Jeby (aged 16), Adriel Jeby (aged 10) and their cousin Kavya Francis (aged 18)