Bungay Parish keeps music alive by recording a CD

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January 13, 2021
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January 15, 2021
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Bungay Parish keeps music alive by recording a CD

The parish of St Edmund at Bungay was distressed to learn that it could have no singing at Masses during lockdown, so has recorded its own collection of favourite music.

Clare Seabrook, organist and music director in the parish, enthusiastically took up a suggestion from a parishioner of making an album.

It is a recording by the parish choir of familiar pieces from its repertoire, to be played before, during and after Mass to fill the silence.

Clare wrote a short introduction for the sleeve and after several recording sessions settled on no fewer than 21 short pieces.

One stroke of luck was that the son of one of one of the parish’s leading families, Leo Altarelli (who lives in Australia) had the necessary equipment to master the recordings into a coherent collection with an attractive sleeve and brochure. 

The CD has now covered its costs and is available from the parish at £7.

 Pictured above is Clare Seabrook