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January 9, 2023
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January 11, 2023
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CAFOD announces its first Big Lent Walk 

Lent begins on February 22, and CAFOD is inviting schools, parishes and individuals to lace up their shoes in faith for the Big Lent Walk. 

“Excitement is building with dozens of groups and schools already signing up,” says Monica Conmee, CAFOD’s Head of Education. “We’ve seen a lot of energy building over the last couple of years for walking challenges, and children and young people in many of the schools we speak to are just raring to go.”   

CAFOD launched the Walk for Water in Lent 2021 during lockdowns in England and Wales. It raised £750,000 for vital water projects in some of the most drought-stricken regions of the world and a Walk Against Hunger followed in Lent 2022. During Lent 2023 CAFOD will be running its first Big Lent Walk.

England and Wales’s newest Catholic school, St John Henry Newman Primary School in Peterborough, is planning to take part. Headteacher Mark Cooper said: “We are looking forward to taking part in the Big Lent Walk. The children are excited to contributing to this and are very much looking forward to walking around our local school community. This will be the biggest opportunity so far for our brand-new school to put our faith into action and support CAFOD. I am really pleased that we can be part of this.”  

 Jane Crone, CAFOD’s representative in the Diocese of East Anglia responded: “It’s fantastic to hear that England and Wales’s newest Catholic School is joining the fight to end global poverty by taking part in this year’s Big Lent Walk.

“Individuals, parishes and schools are welcome to take part, when and where they choose over 40 days. It’s a great way of enjoying the natural world and an opportunity for prayer and reflection while at the same time standing in solidarity with people living in poverty.” 

Find out more and sign up online at  

Pictured above are children from St John Henry Newman Primary School in Peterborough.