Chance for parishes to make online donations easy

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March 29, 2020
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Chance for parishes to make online donations easy

Visitors to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist’s website can now make donations online and the opportunity to use the same system is open to parishes across the Diocese of East Anglia.

While the Cathedral itself is physically closed, the parish is encouraging people to sign up for Standing Orders which can be Gift Aided and are the most efficient form of giving.

However, where people want to make one-off donations with their card, they can now do this via the website by going to and clicking on “Dona Online Offertory Collection.”

These donations can also count for Gift Aid which adds a further 25% to the value of the donation at no extra cost to the donor.

The company behind the website, Dona, is offering a similar website to any other parish, free of its usual service charge until the end of May, so only transaction fees are deducted.

Director of Finance and Resources, Matthew Fernandez-Graham, said: “While churches are shut, parishes are not receiving any income from Sunday offertory collections, but they still have bills to pay. We therefore encourage parishioners to contact their parish to set up a regular Standing Order and sign up for Gift Aid.

“Where people want to make one-off donations easily, it is good that parishes can choose to offer online donations. We thank people for their generosity in this unprecedented situation.”

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