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Diocese moves forward with eco projects and policy

The Diocese of East Anglia Environmental Group is pushing ahead with projects responding to Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’, to care for and protect our common home, and it has just published a new Diocesan Environmental Policy.

Current diocesan projects include Felixstowe parish looking to install solar panels and battery storage, a pilot parish trialling a plastic reduction strategy and a proposed collaboration between the Diocese and a university on carbon reduction.

Meanwhile, a Diocesan Environmental Policy has been published online which aims to identify, understand and evaluate all its direct and as many of the indirect, environmental impacts as is practical, to create a baseline of diocesan activities and operations.

It will create a plan of action to address such impacts within a defined timeframe and then monitor the policy annually through a Diocesan Committee, reporting to the Bishop’s Council and Trustees as well as other stakeholders such as parishes and schools.

Chair of the Environmental Group, Fr Paul Maddison, said: “We are called to respond to Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’; to care for and protect our common home. Change is needed to reverse our unsustainable way of life: soon, unless we make the right changes, the damaged environment will no longer support us. Premature deaths and species extinction will accelerate, and many communities, often the poorest, are already suffering.

“Recognising this threat, the Church is responding. Aiming at 2030, the purpose is to reduce our environmental footprint year-on-year to reach net zero emissions. Our environmental policy outlines the Diocese of East Anglia’s commitments and approach.”

Click here to read the Diocese of East Anglia Environmental Policy.