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Diocese offers free will writing service to parishioners

The Diocese of East Anglia has teamed up with the Free Will Network to offer 20 parishioners the chance to have a will written for free.

Last month’s newspaper announced that the Diocese has joined Your Catholic Legacy and the Free Wills Network to shine a spotlight on legacy giving, an area of giving we often ignore.

While people are naturally older when they die, people of all ages can and do make charitable wills. By the age of 40, most people will have experienced a life change that puts them in a position to contemplate making a will and therefore a charitable gift.

The National Free Wills Network is a scheme which allows parishioners to have a simple will written free of charge. There is also the facility for couples to have mirror wills too. It’s a really easy-to-use service which has resulted in thousands of wills being written over the years, benefitting a huge range of charities. Any number of charities can be listed in a will.

To launch this new service and to encourage parishioners to take advantage of this new arrangement, the Diocese is offering 20 free wills to the first parishioners who come forward before the end of May. Those parishioners who decide to use this service will have the opportunity to have their wills written/updated free of charge.

To take advantage of this easy-to-use service, please contact or call on 01508 492540 or write to: The White House, 21 Upgate, Poringland, Norwich, NR14 7SH and mark your letter for the attention of the Finance Team.

Following your enquiry to the Finance Team, you will receive a pack in the post from the Network with all the details you need to go ahead and make a solicitor’s appointment to write/update your will.

You can choose one of the local solicitors to you listed in the directory and book your appointment at a time that suits you. The will writing service normally involves an initial consultation and then a follow-up to cover any finer details.

More slots may be made available later in the year so, if you miss out this time, look out for the next announcement.