Doctor from St Ives shares a testimony of healing

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September 28, 2022
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Doctor from St Ives shares a testimony of healing

Dr Ijeoma Tonia Obi from Sacred Heart St Ives recovered from breast cancer after gathering together a group of friends and family to pray. Here is her story.

I am practicing medical doctor, married to Chris and we have four young children. Last year in October, we were given the devastating news by the Addenbrookes Hospital team of my breast cancer diagnosis.

I felt so numb, and it took us some days to summon up courage and weather the storm by trusting in the Lord and leaving it all at His feet. 

My friends and family gathered around me and together we formed a prayer group and prayed daily throughout my seven months of receiving chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy treatments. My treatments were completed in June this year. 

I am now cancer free and have long gone back to work. The Lord showed me mercy and kept me well and strong throughout the different stages of treatments. I caught Covid during chemotherapy, but I remained well and symptom free despite negligible immunity.

It was indeed joyous celebrating with friends and family members. We held a Mass of thanksgiving ceremony at Sacred Heart Church, St Ives, on August 27.

The Lord indeed did great things in my life and that of my family. He healed me perfectly and we will forever be grateful. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (Josh 24;15).

Alleluia, Amen 

Pictured above is Dr Ijeoma Tonia Obi with her husband Chris.