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April 25, 2023
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Easter and Lent celebrated in many different ways

Easter and Lent have been marked in many different ways in parishes across the Diocese of East Anglia.

At St Michael’s in Huntingdon, the Wednesday coffee morning attendees (pictured above) all decided to fast during Lent from biscuits, cakes and snacks, but carried on meeting for a chat and a hot drink. The number varies from 4 to a maximum of 12, reports Fr Philip Shryane, and provides a good service for our community.

“We all enjoy the chance for a chat and a catch up about life and our parish,” he says. “On the Wednesday of Easter week we broke our fast and enjoyed some lovely sweets and biscuits.  One of our regulars, Brian, used to live in Malta and asked his daughter to make us a traditional Maltese Figolla, a pastry filled with sweet marzipan filling, given as an Easter gift in Malta; it was a lovely treat and very much enjoyed.” This is a regular event in the parish and newcomers are always welcome, we meet after 9.30 Mass on Wednesday mornings.

At St Felix in Felixstowe (pictured below), Fr John Barnes says: “Each Easter Eve our Polish population bring their traditional Easter Baskets to be blessed. They contain bread, meats, and eggs, which are all symbolic – the Bread of life, the Lamb of God, and the Resurrection. There was a good attendance for the service.”