King Charles III writes to the Catholic Walsingham Shrine

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May 14, 2024
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King Charles III writes to the Catholic Walsingham Shrine

In a touching gesture of spiritual support, Fr Robert Billing, the Rector of the Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady, at Walsingham, had written, with a promise of prayers, to His Majesty King Charles III and Catherine, Princess of Wales, each of whom is battling cancer.

The Rector’s heartfelt letters, on behalf of all at the Shrine, have now been met with gracious responses from the royal household. King Charles III, in his response, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the “incredibly thoughtful message” sent by Fr Billing. His letter highlighted the uplift he felt from the Shrine’s prayers, describing it as “wonderfully generous” of the Rector to extend such kindness and spiritual support during his treatment.

Similarly, Catherine, Princess of Wales, through her private secretary, thanked Fr Billing for his thoughtful words and the assurance of prayers from the Shrine. The letter noted that the Princess was touched by the gesture and felt supported by the communal prayers from such a revered spiritual site during her period of recovery.

Fr Billing commented that: “This written exchange of messages demonstrates the powerful role of faith in offering comfort and hope in times of personal crisis. Our Shrine of Our Lady, at Walsingham, offers a beacon of light and hope not only for the pilgrims coming to us, but also for those in public service, like the King and the Princess. It also reflects the deeply ingrained tradition of the monarchy engaging with our Shrine for spiritual solace and support.”

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