Easter tradition, Cardinal message and new Norfolk book

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March 31, 2024
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April 5, 2024
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Easter tradition, Cardinal message and new Norfolk book

Latest news of interest across the Diocese of East Anglia includes a Polish Easter tradition, an Easter message from FACE Patron Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald and a new book about the challenges of living in a de-Christianised society.

A traditional Polish Easter basket blessings (Swieconka) took place at St Mary’s Parish in Thetford on Holy Saturday, March 30, with over 220 people in attendance.

Due to the large number of people present, a second round of blessings was needed on baskets which took place outside the entrance to the parish church (pictured right).

Fr Pat Cleary, parish priest was astounded by how well the service was supported as the baskets filled the entire sanctuary of the church and more. 

For the first time in the parish, the reading and biddings prayers were said in Polish which made it extra special for all who attended.

Never before has the church been so packed that people were waiting out on the street. 

“It was a marvellous occasion that so many came with lovely baskets and something that this parish will continue to do each year on Holy Saturday,” said Fr Pat. 

Pictures supplied by Helvi Moore and Paul Gilbert. 

Fellowship and Aid to the Christians of the East has published an Easter message reflecting on the difficult times for Christians and all others in the region and a prayer for an end to war.

FACE Patron Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald and chairman John Adam Fox, write: “We can well imagine how difficult it is going to be for many Christians of the East to celebrate Easter this year. We think particularly of those in the Holy Land, whether in Jerusalem or Israel, in the Palestinian territories or Jordan, and especially those in Gaza. But we remember too the communities in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. We remain also in solidarity with the Eastern Christians of Ukraine.

“All these Christians have a hard time just surviving, let alone celebrating, yet we pray with them that their faith may be strong. We and they believe that death and destruction do not have the last word. We express together our faith in the Risen Lord.
“We thank the Lord for the example of these Christians, who remain so attached to their homelands and their traditions.  We pray together with them for an end to war and the reestablishment of unity and peace.”

Find out more at: https://facecharity.org/

Norfolk Catholic author, Anita Dowsing (pictured right), has written a new book, Living in Truth, which explores some of the challenges facing Christians in an increasingly de-Christianised society.

Anita says: “Truth can mean many different things in today’s world. For the Christian, Living in Truth, means living as Christ would do, if he were you. In our times it has become particularly difficult, especially with regard to marriage and the right to life. Until recently, Western social norms and Christian teaching agreed. Today that is no longer the case and that has influenced the many of the ideas we take for granted as well as current legislation.”

With examples from a range of practical situations, Anita explores the many practical challenges facing Christians today and in the future.

The book is available in hardback, softback and as an e-book via amazon.co.uk at £9.99, £5.99 and £3.99 respectively.