Elliott’s year of opportunities with Ignite Team

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May 24, 2023
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Elliott’s year of opportunities with Ignite Team

Elliott Cannon from Birmingham says a year with the Ignite Youth Mission Team has given him opportunities that he never imagined and there is now the chance to apply for the team for the next academic year.

Going into the year I was unsure what to expect really. I knew the basics – I had read the job description – but as far as the dynamic, the community life, the charism; I was clueless.

I think I only truly grasped what the year would entail after the first month. As I learned and practised the basics of youth ministry and slowly integrated into community life.

Sprinkled throughout were a wealth of different opportunities: visiting London, venerating relics and spending the first few days with religious brothers and sisters.

Prayer is also a pillar in our life on the Ignite Team. The regular prayer schedule consecrates our daily life to God and is the salt that provides our evangelisation with the flavour of personal devotion rooted in a living relationship with Jesus. I also never expected to grow so much in self-knowledge.

Community life is a real blessing as it allows you to see clearly the areas of virtue which you never knew you needed to grow in – allowing you to identify where you need to improve. Community life is so beautiful as you grow close to those you live with in a very unique way. It’s a very intense setting as you live, work and pray together; uniting you and them in God and expressing the fullness of true Christian friendship.

The formation the Ignite Team will give you cannot be found anywhere else and the distinctly Catholic nature is irreplaceable – the whole year has given me opportunities that I never imagined.

The Ignite Youth Mission Team is now accepting applications to join full-time in September 2023 or January 2024. Young adults are invited to spend an academic year, or part-year, inspiring others with the Gospel in parishes, schools and at events with young people around the Diocese of East Anglia while nurturing their own faith and living alongside their fellow team members.

Full-time team members are provided with their accommodation and food plus £200 a month and engage in a varied pattern of work with children and young people of all ages. More information and the application form can be found at www.rcdea.org.uk/youth. Those interested are encouraged to contact Ciaran on igniteteam@rcdea.org.uk for more information or if they have any queries.

Pictured above is Elliott Cannon.