Felixstowe church offers memorial windows chance

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June 1, 2023
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June 3, 2023
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Felixstowe church offers memorial windows chance

Fr John Barnes

St Felix Church, a Grade II listed building, seeks sponsors for a £65,000 project to replace century-old nave windows, offering a unique opportunity for memorials through engraved panes.

St Felix Church

St Felix Church, a Grade II listed building on Gainsborough Road, faces a bill of more than £65,000 to replace eight nave windows that date back to 1912. Although the church has funds in the bank, parish priest Canon John Barnes wants to offer companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a full window (approximately £8,500 plus VAT) or part of a window (£2,800).

Canon Barnes said, “Work by craftsmen is never cheap, and this large-scale work is going to be very expensive. Sponsors will be able to have one of the diamond-shaped panes engraved with an inscription, perhaps saying it is in memory of someone who has died, or in thanksgiving for some event – a kind of permanent memorial.”

He added, “After a hundred years or so, the lead strips in these windows have begun to fail, resulting in the glazing beginning to bulge. If nothing is done, the panes of glass will eventually fall out. It would be possible just to take out the present glazing and reset the diamond-shaped panes in new lead strips, but the glass is pale green and not at all attractive—really more suited to a lavatory than a church! We want to replace the green frosted glass with clear glass, which will flood the church with light.”

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, contact Canon Barnes on 01394 282561 or frjohnfelixstowe@gmail.com