Filipino ladies lead Bury St Edmunds world prayer service

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Filipino ladies lead Bury St Edmunds world prayer service

The Women’s World Day of Prayer service in Bury St Edmunds on March 3 was led by a group of Filipino ladies who live in the Suffolk town.

St Edmund King & Martyr Catholic church was the venue this year and the service used across the world was provided by the Philippines on the theme of ‘Am I being Fair to You?’

Jill O’Kelly, who represents St Edmunds on the committee for the Women’s World Day of Prayer, said: "We are blessed with a vibrant Filipino community in our Parish, so it seemed appropriate that we would host the evening service at St Edmunds. Our Filipinos are very proud of their country and were keen to play a major part.

"Rosa Mijares was the leader of the service and four other ladies took the main roles. Marie Velarde gave a very moving account of her life in the Philippines and how she came to live in England, having trained as a nurse.

"Every year this service gives us a real insight into the lives of women in other countries and whilst we all live very different lives, with very different problems the thing that binds us together is our Christian faith and knowledge that God is with us," said Jill.

Shirley Grimshaw and Anne Mansfield helped Jill to organise the service.

Pictured above are participants at the WWDP service atSt Edmund King & Martyr in Bury St Edmunds