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May 25, 2021
Fr Henry invites men to a life of prayer and virtue
July 6, 2021
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Fr Henry to lead Walsingham retreat for Catholic men

The Marriage and Family Life Commission is putting on a retreat day at Walsingham for Catholic Men entitled ‘a life of prayer and virtue’.

Fr Henry Whisenant will speaking on how we can take inspiration from St Joseph. The event is taking place on Saturday July 3 and is organised by Damian Wallace and John D’Mello.

They write: “St Joseph was a pious Israelite, who said his prayers in the synagogue and made pilgrimages to the Temple. But was that it…? He must have had a much deeper prayer life than this to be led by the angels at crucial junctures, as we find so often in the Infancy Narratives. How can we men today have a prayer life that likewise influences our day-to-day decisions?

“We can look to St Joseph as a model of virtue for us as men in the modern age, encouraged by his faith, his fortitude, his humility. At the same time, we must remember that St Joseph’s circumstances were unique; he was the head of a family that included the Immaculate Conception and the sinless Son of God.

“And so while he was not lacking in virtue, there are some virtues that he did not need to exercise day to day in the House of Nazareth in the way that we need to do: forgiveness, paternal correction, and so on. How do we look to him as our model, our protector and our fatherly intercessor in the life of holiness, while remembering that our circumstances are different from his and will often require from us a different response?”

The timetable for the day is as follows:

10:15 Tea and Coffee
11:00 St Joseph and the Life of Prayer (Fr Henry)
12:00 Pilgrim Mass in the Basilica
13:00 Lunch (Please bring your own packed lunch)
13:30 St Joseph and the Virtues (Fr Henry)
14:00 Tea and Coffee
15:00 Holy Mile and Rosary

The cost of the event is £10, and you can book here.

Pictured above is Fr Henry Whisenant