Fr Sam Randall says farewell to Radio Maria England

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August 10, 2021
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Fr Sam Randall says farewell to Radio Maria England

Fr Sam Randall is leaving Radio Maria England, having been invited to take up a post with Radio Maria in Melbourne. This is his farewell message.

Thank you to all our wonderful, dedicated volunteers and to our listeners. We’ve been broadcasting and growing here at Radio Maria England since October 2019. And I know that we’re still on this incredibly exciting journey together.

But we here in England are part of a world family of Radio Maria and we’re only here because of the support, care, love and generosity of other members of our family – like Austria, Germany, France and Italy. They’ve been helping us and praying for us, and now the family have asked us to do something special.

In Acts 16 we read how Paul is asked by a man from Macedonia to come over and help them. Well, we’ve had the same request from Radio Maria Oz, and they’ve said to me will I come over and help them get Radio Maria going in Australia. They’ve been struggling for a little while, but we decided after lots of prayer that this is the thing we’re going to do.

But we’re not leaving you comfortless. You’ve got Andreas coming, and he’s an incredibly experienced Radio Maria priest director: sixteen years in Austria. I remember when I asked the world family which radio station we should seek to emulate they said Radio Maria Austria and that is exactly what’s happening.

It’s been said that life is a journey, full of the unexpected, and we may not always be sure of the destination, but we can be sure that the Lord is with us on our journey.  

Pictured above is Fr Sam Randall