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October 6, 2018
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Hand-made quilt is crafty way to raise cash for CAFOD

A group parishioners from St George’s parish in Norwich who have raised over £100,000 for the international development charity CAFOD over the last 30 years have just launched their latest fundraising drive – the silent auction of a beautiful handcrafted quilt.

Eight parishioners from St George’s parish in Norwich make up the parish CAFOD group, which has been running for 32 years. Over this time, they have held cake raffles, bi-annual lunches, sales of floral decorations, and handmade cards, plants and book sales to name just a few of the events.

The idea for the quilt came about when the group were left an array of crafting materials after one of member of the group’s relative passed away. Feeling inspired, two members of the group, Gill Bannon and Gloria Irons, decided to create a rich purple quilt to sell in order to raise even more money for CAFOD.

Gloria Irons, who has been a member of the group since the early days, said: “We have raised over £1,000 so far for CAFOD by making things from the materials passed onto us.  We hand-stitched the quilt, and Gill and I met around eight times to complete it.  I sat at one side, and she sat at the other with plenty of tea and lunch breaks! 

“It has been made with love, so we hope that the silent auction will be a success.”

CAFOD’s representative in Norwich, Jane Crone, added: “The quilt is a beautiful and creative way of raising money for CAFOD, and to have reached such a monumental target as £100,000 is an incredible achievement.

“The St George’s group long term dedication to CAFOD is a real inspiration to others. They are full of exciting fundraising ideas and always involve other parts of the community. We are so grateful!”

The quilt is 140cm x 152cm and it lies on top of a double bed, or drapes over a single bed.

To make a bid for the quilt, please email your offer to eastanglia@cafod.org.uk            

Pictured above are Gill Bannon and Gloria Irons with the quilt that is up for auction.