Newman lecture looks at what it means to be English

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September 9, 2021
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September 12, 2021
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Newman lecture looks at what it means to be English

Dr Jacob Phillips, Director of the Institute of Theology at St Mary’s University, Twickenham will be presenting the next in the series of Newman lectures.

St John Henry Newman’s theology is often referred to as distinctly ‘English’, but there is little consensus on what this ‘Englishness’ might consist of, specifically. This lecture will discuss various answers to this question and connect these answers to recent discussions in theologies of culture.

It will take place at 6pm on Tuesday September 14.

The following Newman Lecture will take place on Saturday October 9 at the Cathedral of St John the Baptistand will also be streamed online. Rt Hon Ruth Kelly will be speaking on the subject of ‘What should we expect from politics after Covid?’

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