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Newmarket Church to celebrate Diamond Jubilee

The diamond jubilee of the laying of the foundation stone of the new Church of Our Lady and St Etheldreda’s in Newmarket will take place on August 27. This took place in 1964, replacing the original small church located on All Saints Road.

The foundation stone ceremony was conducted by the late Bishop Thomas Leo Parker, former Bishop of the Diocese of Northampton, before the division of the diocese. The architect responsible for the design of the new church was Sebastian Comper, son of the renowned architect Sir Ninian Comper.

Fr Anthony Foreman, former parish priest, says: “Many of the succeeding parish priests, including myself, survive, apart from Fr Michael Kennedy and Mgr Anthony Philpot. It would be interesting to know how many parishioners recall that event. I recall the temperature was in the high 80’s Fahrenheit”

To commemorate this jubilee, the parish will hold a special thanksgiving mass at August 27 at 12 noon, led by Fr Leonard Michael Marianu, current parish priest. Parishioners who remember the original event, as well as those who have joined the community since, are encouraged to attend and celebrate this special anniversary at Our Lady and St Etheldreda’s Church.

Pictured above, from the left, are Fr Michael Hazel (bishop’s secretary), Fr Harry Wace (deacon), Sebastian Comper (with beard and spectacles), Bishop Thomas Leo Parker, Peter Hayde (altar boy, now parishioner) and Fr Anthony Foreman (subdeacon).