Norwich Catholic school receives glowing Ofsted report

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Norwich Catholic school receives glowing Ofsted report

The Catholic Notre Dame High School (NDHS) in Norwich has received glowing praise from Ofsted, being rated as “good” under a new more rigorous inspection framework.

Statistically the most in-demand school in the city, with 30% more applications than places – the school however, is no longer rated as “outstanding”‑ a status it had held for more than a decade.

In its first inspection since converting into an academy in August 2012, the school has been rated as ‘good’ overall, the second highest rating available.

The inspection report is almost exclusively positive and inspectors said: “Pupils genuinely enjoy attending NDHS. Older and younger pupils alike speak positively about their experience of school. Pupils benefit significantly from the care and kindness shown by adults, and other pupils, in the school community. Pupils celebrate their cultural diversity and their individuality. 

“Attending NDHS means pupils are expected and encouraged to work hard in all aspects of their school life. As a result, they achieve well both academically and more widely. Pupils grow into being independent, considerate and confident individuals. 

“Pupils behave well. They are typically polite and respectful towards one another. Social times are happy. Equally, lessons are calm and purposeful,” said the report.

“There is a culture of pupil engagement in the school. Pupils are actively encouraged to participate in the significant variety of clubs and activities. The ethos of wider personal development of pupils is exceptional. The school’s provision to develop pupils’ character goes well beyond what might be expected.”

Inspectors go on to say: “Pupils are proud to describe the contributions they make to charitable causes. Older pupils also contribute significantly to this whole-school priority.

“Leaders at all levels have a strong vision of what they want pupils at NDHS to achieve as individuals and as part of a wider community. Leaders have worked hard to engage the local community successfully and positively. Parents, carers, staff and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about the school.”

Headteacher, Tom Pinnington, said: “Parents and members of the community can read this report and see that young people flourish at Notre Dame, educationally and more widely, and that they enjoy their time here. This is what we experience in school every day.

“I am incredibly proud that many of the strengths of the school have been recognised in the report. I am especially pleased that the emphasis that the school places on values, ethos and character development have been highlighted.”

Inspectors visited the school over two days in February, publishing their findings earlier this month.

The school was being judged under a different framework to when it previously earned outstanding status in 2011.

You can read the summary report here:

Pictured above are Notre Dame students. Picture courtesy of NDHS.