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April 7, 2017
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Norwich high school musical acclaimed a success

Notre Dame High School's latest productionHorizons has caught the attention ofAndrew Lloyd Webber's Company which has produced legendary West End musicals such as Cats and Evita.

Horizons was written and composed by 15-year-old Iona MacQueen and Anna Savelli, both students at Notre Dame in Norwich, and arranged by Alex Kennett who left Notre Dame last year. Set in the 1930s, the 20-song musical centres on three women on a journey to find their husbands, who never returned from the Spanish civil war.

Iona said: ""It was amazing to see the vision come to life. It all came together and the whole cast and orchestra went for it. The performances went so well, I have always had faith in Horizons, however, it completelysupersededourexpectations.

"This experience has meant I have made lots of friends from the cast and crew. Also I have grown in confidence and it has helped me further understand the hard work and passion that goes behind putting on a production," said Iona who is hoping to have a career in musical theatre.

Anna said: "It was surreal having a cast of over 50 people singing our songs! It was such an incredible experience and one I will take with me my whole life. The cast were so supportive. I couldn’t have asked or imagined a better outcome as a result of something that begun as Iona and I enjoying writing melodies, harmonies and lyrics together in our spare time."

Lloyd Webber's theatre company sent someone to watch the production, performed at Notre Dame in February.

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Pictured above, some of the cast of Horizons with writers Anna Savelli front right and Iona MacQueen front middle.