Notre Dame High School celebrates diversity in unity

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May 30, 2022
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June 1, 2022
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Notre Dame High School celebrates diversity in unity

Notre Dame High School in Norwich recently celebrated the wide cultural diversity among its students and staff and the rich heritage of their communities.

Students came into school in cultural attire, bearing their national flags and their cultural foods.  The day was initiated by our ‘Diversity Is Unity’ Group, a forum set up for students to come together and learn about our diverse cultural heritage.

The school started the day with a prayer in unison with the whole school. This was followed by a speech from the Head Teacher, Mr Pinnington, as well as an introductory message from the founder and overseer of the Diversity Is Unity Group, Mrs Iyaji.

Some Indian students performed an opening dance. This was followed by a presentation from the African dancers as well as songs and games from the Youth For Christ, and presentations from various students.

“In my opinion, the experience was refreshing, there was much to see and learn,” said Dem, one of the students. “I learned more about my peers’ identities, and I got to try out delicious foods from all over the world, that I was not aware of before.”

“I believe that days such as the Cultural Day not only inspire young people to embrace their heritage but also introduce them, at a young age, to the diversity obtainable in the real world, creating the tolerance that will later thrive and benefit our society.”

Pictured above are participants at the Diversity is Unity day at Notre Dame.