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February 11, 2021
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Opportunity for home-based training in evangelisation

The Diocese of East Anglia is working with colleagues in the Diocese of Plymouth to offer the Mission Made Possible evangelisation programme. 

The seven-week programme includes reading and praying with the bespoke resource Mission Made Possible at home and joining weekly Zoom meetings with five other participants. The course is led by Fr Jon Bielawski and Michele Thompson of the Diocese of Plymouth Evangelisation Team.

And you can hear Fr Jon and Michele talking about the course on BBC Radio Norfolk last Sunday. Click here and start listening at 1.19.50.

The course timings are flexible. When there are five participants, the Diocese of Plymouth team will run the course. So enquirers might be offered a course which is waiting, or might or have to wait for others to join. The advantage of the Zoom-based programme is that you don’t need to find five participants in your parish; the others may be from other areas of the UK or abroad.

You are invited to learn, from your home, how to have conversations about faith: with friends, family or in everyday encounters that don’t make anyone feel awkward. 

Rebecca Bretherton, Diocesan Co-ordinator for the Commission for the New Evangelisation says, “I encourage anyone who is wondering how to answer the call of the Gospel to take part in this course. Learning with others will build your confidence and strengthen your commitment to share your faith with people you meet every day.”

To take part and for more details, please send your telephone number in an email to: Your message will reach Michele Thompson of the Diocese of Plymouth Evangelisation Team.

There is more information about the programme at

Pictured above is Fr Jon Bielawski