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Opportunity to explore wonders of St John’s Cathedral

Four Heritage Open Days in September will give people the chance to discover the rich architecture and history of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich both virtually and in-person.

The events will run from Friday September 10 to Saturday September 11 and Friday September 17 to Saturday September 18. You can watch a video about here Heritage Open days below.

The events include:

(Online / Virtual) * Hidden Places Tour – The Virtual Experience: A unique opportunity to discover the hidden places of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist on this exciting behind-the-scenes look at areas not usually accessible to the public.

See the behind-the-scenes spaces of the Cathedral St John the Baptist, following spiral staircases, hidden chapels and even see inside the Cathedral House and the Sacristy. This virtual tour will help you discover the fascinating story behind the Cathedral, its characters, and its past.

(In-person green event) * Make your own Air Bee-N-Bee Hotel: Come to our wonderful garden and build your own bee hotel while learning about the importance of attracting bees into our gardens. We promise you’ll BEE happy!

We are inviting all children to join us in building from scratch homes and exotic hotels for bees. Bees are so important to every aspect of our lives, and our world would simply not BEE without them!

Event Times: 12.00pm and 2pm. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your allocated slot.

(In-person) * Stained Glass Stories: Come and visit us for a “Stained Glass Windows stories” experience and discover this medieval art form that starts to resonate with the modern imagination.

All are welcome to explore the sublime and richly coloured stained-glass windows at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. This magnificent medieval art form captures the stories of powerful queens and warriors, of God the Father breathing life into Adam, of types and antitypes of the Old and the New Testament that merge to perfection. It will be a visual experience to remember.

Event Times:  11.00am – 4pm (closing time). Tours happening every hour – please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your allocated slot.

(Online / Virtual) * The Bread of Life: If you’ve ever had questions about our faith and its importance to our lives, then check out our new series of short clips.

In our new series of short films, the viewer will get a taste of the food for eternal life, the word of God, while remembering what Jesus said: “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

(In-person) * The Grand Ground Floor Tour: Find out about the spirituality and history of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist through a walking tour of the main features of this stunning place of worship.

Explore the features of St John’s that make it unique – the Cathedra, the magnificent stained-glass windows and the dedicated chapels. A selection of liturgical objects from the Cathedral Treasury will also be on display during this tour. Discover more about monstrances, chalices and unusual liturgical items from the Diocese of East Anglia, from various periods.

Event Times:  11.00am – 4pm (closing time). Tours happening every hour – please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your allocated slot.

(In-person) * The Hidden Gem: A one-off talk and visual presentation on the history of St. John’s.

The presentation will show the main players along with many of the individuals and companies involved in the conception and construction of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. The talk will bring together and expand on many of the features described in the Tower and Hidden Places Tours. It will be followed by a casual Q&A session. Don’t miss out and book now.

Event Times: Saturday 11 September: 11.30am – 12.30pm + Q&A / Saturday 18 September: 14.00pm – 3pm + Q&A. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of the talk.

(In-person) * The Secret Garden of St John’s: Come and have a taste of the delights that the Secret Garden of St John the Baptist has to offer. Suitable for all, families, children and adults alike!

Take part in a guided journey around the Garden in the heart of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. It will be a sensory experience that you’ll never forget.

Event Times: 11.00am – 4pm (closing time. Tours happening every hour – please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your allocated slot.

(Online/Virtual) * Virtual Tower Top Tour: Enjoy the magnificent views of the city of Norwich from great heights on this virtual Tower Top Tour, while learning about the history and architecture of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist.

If you have ever wanted to see a different perspective of Norwich, the Tower Top Tour at St John’s Cathedral is the perfect opportunity to see the city from up high, and beyond. With views as far Great Yarmouth to the East, Swaffham Wind turbines to the West, and Happisburgh to the north-east.

St John’s Cathedral is on Unthank Road, Norwich, and the postcode is NR2 2PA.

Booking Contact: Tania Gonzalez-Duran
Call: 07874 853101
Email: heritage@sjbcathedral.org.uk
Go to: http://www.sjbcathedral.org.uk