Opportunity to join a virtual pilgrimage to Lourdes

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August 20, 2021
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August 20, 2021
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Opportunity to join a virtual pilgrimage to Lourdes

Members of several parishes from the Diocese of East Anglia are among those who will be joining a virtual pilgrimage to Lourdes, which is being organised in partnership with the Catholic Association, starting today.

Professor John Morrill, who is a deacon in Newmarket parish, is the Director of the Diocesan Pilgrimage, which has linked with the Catholic Association for this event. He will be talking on Radio Suffolk at 7.40pm on Sunday 22 August.

The pilgrimage runs from Friday August 20 to Saturday August 28. The full timetable is below, and you can join by clicking the link for the relevant day.

Day 1, Friday 20th August
2pm Opening Address from Bishop Paul Hendricks, Chairman of the Catholic Association 
6pm Welcome from the Stonyhurst Pilgrimage Trust from Dr Nuala Mellows, Chairman 
8pm Friday Night Prayers from Stonyhurst College

Day 2, Saturday 21st August 

10am A Reflection for our Pilgrimage with Fr Nick King SJ
12pm – Live Event – Gathering Mass from the Diocese of Southwark with Bishop Paul Hendricks 
5:30pm – Live Event – Mass from St Peter’s Stonyhurst
8pm Saturday Night Prayers with Fr Sam Burke OP

Day 3, Sunday 22nd August

10am – Live Event – Sunday Mass from the Diocese of Clifton with Bishop Declan Lang 
12pm In Conversation with 2 Assisted Pilgrims from the Diocese of East Anglia
2pm Praying the Rosary with the Cleary Family 
8pm Sunday Night Prayers with Fr Anthony Meredith 

Day 4, Monday 23rd August
10am To Lourdes, Again and Again: a personal story related by John Hartley  
12pm ‘I am the Immaculate Conception’ – this year’s theme with Fr Sam Burke OP 
8pm Monday Night Prayers with Fr Toby Lees OP

Day 5, Tuesday 24th August

2pm Stations of the Cross with Fr Nick King SJ 
6pm Reflect – a prayer session held by Henny Lenahan
8pm Tuesday Night Prayers with Fr Toby Lees OP

Day 6, Wednesday 25th August

10am Praying the Rosary with the Catholic Association from East Anglia
8pm Night Prayers with Fr Michael Thomas from the Diocese of Clifton

Day 7, Thursday 26th August 

10am Medical Talk with Drs Robin & Nuala Mellows
2pm Faith in Work: A conversation with Christopher Page & Brendan Roche QC
5:30pm – Live Event – Volunteer Q&A with the CA Heads of Services
8pm Thursday Night Prayers with Stonyhurst College 

Day 8, Friday 27th August 

10am A Farewell from our Chief Brancardier & Chief Handmaid 
6pm – Live Event – Thanksgiving Mass from the Diocese of Northampton with Bishop David Oakley

You can read more about the pilgrimage at www.ca-bepartofthemiracle.co.uk