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Radio Maria teenagers win audio award for innovation

Radio Maria England’s Youth Team – RMEY Faith Vibe – has been named as Most Innovative in the Young Audio Awards. 

The announcement was made on March 23. The award was given to the team which made the most innovative digital and technical achievements in audio this year. The Young Audio Awards are supported by both commercial and BBC radio and sponsored by Broadcast Bionics. Faith Vibe was chosen because of their understanding of the value of teamwork, their innovative work, “the skills that make a modern radio station tick”.

RMEY Faith Vibe began broadcasting at the end of 2020. The original team comprised Alfie, Maryam, Ashish, Danny and Dan M, who makes the jingles for the show.

“These young people have been able to shape a show that is fun, feisty and faith filled,” writes Loretta Peck. “The programme has developed due to their innovation, from Disney Quotes and inspirational quotes cleverly linked to the Bible, to acting in a mini radio drama written by David Wadsworth. There is also a weekly poll and quiz in which music from movies is played, and the listeners can then message via Instagram or WhatsApp or call in live.”

The programmes rely on contributions from many people, and the young presenters mould and present the content. You can hear the show on Fridays at 5pm or on Sundays at 8pm.

Alfie, a student at Cambourne Village College, has enjoyed being the innovator behind the social media such as YouTube, TicTok and Instagram to promote RMEY Faith Vibe. He enjoys the challenge of presenting his faith to the listener in an easy to hear way. Alfie enjoys using humour along with deep and meaningful information from Catholic culture to engage with the listener. He is also skilled in producing the show live using sound effects and ensuring the timing of the show goes smoothly.

Maryam, a student at St Mary’s, says: “I love being a part of this team because as young people we are connecting to the hearts and minds of other young people via radio waves.  The five of us are quite different, in terms of our ages, genders, interests, backgrounds, and experiences, but all of us are united in our faith in God and our identity as teenagers. 

“Every week, we come together and work as a team to create shows that bring fun and humour, information and facts, and messages of hope and understanding about teenage issues to other young listeners out there and we provide a safe haven for them to connect with us.  We have also created an Instagram account for our show (@rme_youth).”

Ashish, a student Hills Road College said: “I wanted to do RMEY because I was curious about how people make podcasts and radio shows. RMEY was a whole new experience for me, and it taught me how to do so much, carrying on I’d love to pursue making podcasts in relation to what I want to do in the future, it has given me the opportunity to articulate my faith and has helped me as a young person through lockdown when there was not a lot teenagers could do.  I feel it has also helped a lot of other young people who perhaps do not have a particular faith, as we know a lot of our friend who listen to RMEY are not Christians.” 

Danny a student from Long Road College said: “I enjoy RMEY as it connects young people around the world. I have also enjoyed researching the Gospel and interpreting it for other young people this has helped bring it alive for me as well as the listeners. Being on RMEY Faith Vibe has been a great opportunity as I have had the chance to work in the radio studio and RME with the latest technology.”

Radio Maria England is a Christian radio station that broadcasts the daily liturgy, the Mass and the Rosary and provides teaching and catechesis covering faith and social issues, programmes focusing on human and social development, and news from across the world.   

You can listen to Radio Maria England on the website at ,on the Radio Maria World Family app for smartphones and tablets and on DAB/DAB+ radio in the Cambridge and London areas. Podcasts are available through Anchor, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Overcast and other podcast providers. 

Pictured above are members of RMEY Faith Vibe in the Radio Maria England studio. From left to right are (left to right) Alfie, Aoife , Danny and Maryam.