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Saint Peter & All Souls Parish introduces marriage course

In January and February, Saint Peter & All Souls Parish launched a transformative marriage preparation course, guiding couples towards stronger, faith-based unions under the leadership of Fr Adam Sowa and deacons.

During January and February, the Parish of Saint Peter & All Souls was abuzz with activity as several couples embarked on a transformative journey towards marriage under the guidance of their parish priest, Fr Adam Sowa, and deacons John Bedford with his wife Patricia, and Claudio Chiapinelli with his wife Joanna.

Recognising the significance of marriage as a sacred covenant, All Souls Parish has initiated a comprehensive marriage preparation course tailored to meet the unique needs of each couple. With a commitment to nurturing strong and enduring unions, the course delves into various aspects of marriage, including communication, conflict resolution, financial management, and spiritual intimacy.

The marriage preparation course at Saint Peter & All Souls Parish is not merely an academic endeavour but a deeply enriching experience designed to foster meaningful connections and spiritual growth. Through a combination of group sessions, individual counselling, and interactive workshops, couples are equipped with practical skills and insights to navigate the joys and challenges of married life.

As the course ended, the engaged couples’ rings were blessed during a special Mass on Sunday February 4. They also received their certificates of accomplishment of the marriage course and were invited by the Diocesan Marriage and Family Office to attend a one-day preparation at Newmarket, led by experienced marriage counsellors.

With a firm foundation rooted in faith and love, these couples are poised to embrace the blessings and responsibilities of married life with confidence and grace.