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Shelina invites young musicians to share hope

Jesus Youth is offering young people from East Anglia the opportunity to enter an international competition of song writing and musical performance. Shelina Guedes from Peterborough, who is part of the organising team, explains the idea behind ResoNations.

ResoNations is an international online music contest organised by the music ministry of Jesus Youth, part of the Catholic Charismatic movement. The theme of the contest is “connect, witness and inspire”.

This is a unique opportunity for musicians to use their gift of music to reach out and bring a message of hope, love and the joy of Christ to a world that is broken and in need of healing.

The idea came about during the lockdown period where, like many, we felt isolated and lacked fellowship with one another. However, through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we felt inspired to come together once again and use our God-given talents to reach out to the world through social media. We strongly believe that God is bringing about something new through this initiative that will bear lasting fruits. 

In today’s world, music has become the language of the younger generation. It is precisely through music that we want to share the Gospel message of Christ which is the sole purpose of this contest. We want to share Jesus through our beautiful voices, instrumental pieces and soul-stirring song-writing skills.

We have created this opportunity for musicians from different parts of the world to present their music on a social media platform; to tell the world of the existence of Christ and the unity of Christ’s body – the Church. By coming together and participating in this contest we are being witnesses to the whole world that not everything is lost. We still have hope and that hope is in Jesus. 

In this time of distress, we as Christians have a mission. In the book of Psalms it says: “Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise!” All we have been hearing in the news is disaster and chaos. It’s time to bring the good news to the people and establish the joy of Christ in the midst of this chaos. 

Are you passionate to preach the Gospel message of Christ through music?

Are you set on fire to serve Christ?

Do you dare to be different and spread the good news?

If your answer is Yes, then here’s your opportunity. God calls you today to be His disciple and Resonate His name to the ends of the earth. 

There are three categories in the competition: vocal performance, song writing and instrumental performance. More information is available on the Jesus Youth Facebook page and the team is happy to answer any questions by FB Messenger. The closing date is Monday 25 May at 12 noon.

Pictured above is Shelina Guedes