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March 10, 2021
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March 16, 2021
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Sisters in Walsingham relaunch retreat programme

The Community of Our Lady of Walsingham will be running a series of online retreats, and then gradually opening for visitors as the year goes on.

“With the end of Lockdown in sight,” write the Sisters, “we would like to let you know about some exciting opportunities for retreats – or even simply a restful few days’ break in Walsingham.”

‘Walsingham Spirituality’ will be the theme of the first online retreat, from Friday March 19 to Sunday March 21. Over the weekend the Sisters will look at what it means in practical terms to accept God’s will as it manifests itself to us from moment to moment, especially in who we are as the beloved children of the Father.

This will be followed by an online retreat on ‘Prayer, Intimacy and Relationships’, running from Thursday March 25 to Sunday March 28. The retreat will look at questions such as why is it so difficult to love the people closest to us? To bring our real thoughts and feelings to God in prayer? To be honest in relationships? To enter into intimacy with God and with others? 

As lockdown hopefully eases, self-catering retreats for households and bubbles will begin on April 12. From May 17 individuals will be welcome to come and stay for between two and five nights. The retreat house will open to parish groups on June 21.

There will also be both residential and online retreats for young adults.

For more information, please ring the Sister Theresa on 01328 801018 or take a look at the website