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March 20, 2022
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Bishop Alan blesses children as Year of St Joseph ends

Bishop Alan celebrated a Mass for the Blessing of Families at St John’s Cathedral to mark the end of the Year of St Joseph.

During the year an icon of St Joseph painted by Fr Luke Goymour had toured parishes around the diocese and it now arrived at its resting place in St John’s Cathedral. Chris Braithwaite and his sons Joseph and Leo carried the icon during the entry procession at the start of the Mass on Saturday March 19.

The icon depicts St Joseph standing very slightly forward of Mary and Jesus. The image of St Joseph breaks out of the border and approaches at the bottom of the icon. This is to show that St Joseph is the protector of the family.

In his homily Bishop Alan said: “In his hiddenness, in his silence, Joseph has much to say about his special vocation in the story of salvation…Joseph is a family man, one who had a deep love and concern for Jesus and his wife Mary…he is always someone who acts with justice and is not self-centred.”

Bishop Alan gave a special blessing for children and families at the end of the Mass. Families then moved to the Narthex, where there were cupcakes for the children as well as colouring in sheets of St Joseph. Afterwards the children went out to play in the glorious sunshine in the garden, blowing bubbles and running around.

Pictured above is Bishop Alan with children in the cathedral garden and, below, children enjoying cupcakes after the Mass.